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How to be and Have the Best College Roommate

Reasons Why Innovation Square Makes it Easier

You’ve waited all your life to fly from the nest and get out from under mom and dad’s wings. It’s an exciting time for any college-bound teen. Finding and being a good roommate is an essential part of making the transition a happy and stress-free one. Here are a few tips for both you and your roommate to follow. 

  1. Friendships don’t happen overnight. Whether this person turns out to be your longtime BFF or just an acquaintance at the end of the semester, it should be someone you can live with who doesn’t interfere with your studies. As the days and months pass, you’ll know whether they will be your bestie or just someone you lived with once. Don’t force it.  
  2. Start to get to know them immediately upon finding out who they are. Whether it’s already a friend or a total stranger, have a get-to-know-you conversation so you can establish ground rules. Even if you know them well already, living with a person changes the whole dynamic of the relationship, so it’s very important to set those boundaries. 
  3. Discuss class schedules. You may have been lucky enough to start your classes at 10:00 each morning; however, your roommate may have to start at 8:30. Maybe you’re a night owl and they like to be in bed by 10:00 PM. Talk through this before the semester begins so it’s not an issue on day one. 
  4. Talk about the noise level and whether or not you’re a sound sleeper or the mere clang of a pan will jar you awake.  The good news is, living at  Innovation Square gives you the luxury of having your own separate bedrooms so noise isn’t as much of an issue as it is in a regular dorm room.
  5. Bathrooms are sometimes an issue. At Innovation Square, you don’t have to share a bathroom with a whole hall of people. Best of all, you don’t have to leave your apartment! But, choose dedicated shelves or areas for each of your toiletries, and be sure when discussing your class schedule, you talk about when you’ll need to get in each morning. 
  6. Studying at Innovation Square is so much easier than in a typical dorm room. You’ll have a variety of places to focus on your studies. We offer a student lounge, outdoor commons, onsite cafe, or nearby coffee shops and hot spots. If you want to study in your room and pull an all-nighter for that final you’re dreading, set expectations before you get stressed out. Learn more about life at Innovation Square.
  7. If you need to put your nose in the books for eight hours straight, let your roommate know ahead of time so they don’t plan on bringing a heap of friends in to watch the latest Netflix series. Local events pose a great opportunity to bond. Check out Rochester events here
  8. Each of you will probably get sick at some point. Try to keep the germs at bay by using disinfecting wipes and cleaning up your own messes. 
  9. If your roommate gets really sick, respect their space and keep a low profile until they are well again. Thankfully, at Innovation Square, there’s enough living space to keep your distance. 
  10. Just as you discussed quiet time for studying, it is recommended that you talk about phone conversations and visitors. As stated before, you may like to crash early and your roommate may just be getting started at 10:00 every night. If this is the case, consider getting a sound machine. It creates white noise and will help drown out the voices and laughter, or just use a good old-fashioned fan. 
  11. When a problem does arise, nip it head-on immediately. Don’t let it gnaw at you. Don’t be passive-aggressive. Treat your roommate with respect when discussing your feelings. 
  12.  Problems are bound to happen, even in the best roommate relationships. Keep the line of communication open so that your college years are years you will cherish for the rest of your life. 

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